British Newspapers in Toronto.


Are you a newspaper kind of person? With the world becoming increasingly digital these days, as an expat, it is hard to find a good old fashioned UK paper anywhere. Having done some extensive searching throughout Toronto, we have had no luck in finding our regular daily newspapers on sale in the city, not even at the airport!

We have however found a couple of weekly expat newspapers which are available from all good newstands or bookstores (International News or Indigo Chapters in particular).

International Express – Daily/Sunday Express []


Published every Monday. $5.25 (plus applicable taxes).

The editorial policy has been to address the broadest range of readers possible, the editor selects the best stories from the Daily Express and Sunday Express, in current affairs, politics, the social scene and with a heavy emphasis on sport, all designed to be of real value to expat readers.


The Telegraph Expat – The Telegraph []


Published every Wednesday. $- (plus applicable taxes).

The Telegraph Weekly World Edition provides a unique and comprehensive summary of the week’s top news and comments from around the world, with in-depth coverage of politics, business, sport, and the arts.


Some of the information contained within this blog post has been taken from the International Express and Telegraph Expat websites found at the following links: [].


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