Meet a Typical Brit in Toronto…or two: Nicola and Rosie Dempsey.


Nicola and Rosie Dempsey are sisters who arrived in Toronto 3,162 cups of tea ago. That is approximately nine months. They grew up in Portsmouth and later had separate stints in Wales, where Nicola studied music at Cardiff University, and Rosie in East London, studying English Literature at Queen Mary University. They came to Toronto, via a three-month stay in Chicago, to take classes in improv and writing at the Second City Training Centre and Bad Dog Theatre.

Fresh off the boat, unemployed, and wanting to stretch their creative muscles, they started up the comedy food blog, Little Nibblers, where they celebrate the National food of the day – cooking, baking, frying, whatever-ing – and then writing a post about it in their own British Dempsey way, every day for the entire year. For those who did not hear that, that is every day for the entire year.


They started this challenge on 8th September 2014, and what began as a simple exercise in writing comedy stuffs about something they care about (food, they care a lot about food) has turned into a popular blog across social media that has been attracting attention both in Canada and back home in the UK.

We should say, this is not your Yummy Mummy, ‘how to make gluten-free kale with a smile and a song’ food blog. The emphasis is on the process and the challenge, not the product (although they are very proud of their recreation of a scene from West Side Story out of gingerbread), with posts ranging from a National Buffet Day beat poem, to videos of cashew nuts singing love songs to each other, to a diary entry from a Cabbage Patch Kid. They also feature guest-bloggers from the UK and Canada who choose a day to interpret and celebrate in whatever way they choose.


When not blogging, Nicola and Rosie perform sketch, improv and stand up around the city. You can catch them at the next Iron Maidens show at the Second City Training Centre on March 10th as ‘Flo & Joan’. You can follow Little Nibblers across social media, and if you would like to guest blog for them, send them a message at or on any of their pages:



Twitter: @Little_Nibblers

Instagram: littlenibblers



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